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We are Your One-Stop Solution for IT Setup and Maintenance

Whether you’re embarking on a new venture or already have a robust network in place, CSI Tech Corp has everything you need to optimize your IT environment and make the most out of your investment.

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Our Software Offerings

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The complete Microsoft Product suite

Security Shield

Corporate and Home Office Anti-Virus solutions

Laptop Settings

Business-specific software tailored to your needs

Upload to the Cloud

Data Backup Solutions

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Our Hardware Solutions

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Complete Laptop, Workstation & Server systems customized for your business requirements


System Components (monitors, cables, keyboards, hard drives, memory, etc.)

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Network Infrastructure (switches, routers, wireless access points, wifi extenders, modems, etc.)


WatchGuard Security Solutions

Checked User

Mobile User and branch office VPN

Send to Printer

Laser, LED, and Ink Jet Printers

Radio Tower

Telecom Solutions

What Sets Us Apart

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Tailored Solutions:

Customized products and services to align with your business demands.

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Quality Assurance:

Ensuring the highest quality in both hardware and software offerings.

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Expert Guidance:

Our team guides you through the selection process to meet your unique needs.

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Order now and get:

  • Comprehensive Range: 


From software to hardware, we’ve got it all.

  • Quality Assurance: 


Ensuring the reliability and performance of every product.

  • Expert Consultation: 


Knowledgeable guidance for informed decision-making.

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How to order our IT software or IT product?

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Discuss your IT requirements with our knowledgeable team.

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Product Selection:

Choose from our extensive range of software and hardware offerings.

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Order and Delivery:

Seamless process from order placement to product delivery.

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CSI is a Technology Services Firm

Our resources have experience building secure server infrastructures accessible from multiple Data Centers.
We are uniquely positioned with extensive server security and application security experience.

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