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The future of data security lies in cloud-based backup and recovery services.

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The best disaster recovery plans consider your entire computer setup to make sure your operations stay safe and uninterrupted.

This involves being able to rebuild your setup completely. It might seem like a big job, but cloud recovery solutions make it easier. Disaster recovery means storing your most important applications and data in the cloud and having a backup plan in case something happens to your main site.
Cloud backups can be automated, which means you can recover faster and have more accurate data.

Simplify & Secure Disaster Recovery Processes with Cloud Recovery

At CSI Tech Corp, we strongly believe in the power of cloud computing. We will safeguard your business from any potential disasters by utilizing cloud backups, reliable failover procedures, and speedy recovery methods to minimize risks and decrease downtime.

Many well-known online companies offer IT cloud space rentals to businesses. This typically includes the necessary hardware, applications, and bandwidth that you only pay for based on your usage. It is a cost-effective solution specifically designed for small to medium-sized companies.

  • Fixed Fee – Your recovery solution is available for a fixed fee that won’t scale as your business does.
  • Predictable IT Expenses – Most cloud options are available for a monthly fee that is easy to budget into other disaster recovery expenses.
  • No Surprises – Your disaster recovery plans are laid out and easy to understand.
  • Unlimited Support – CSI Tech Corp is here to help whenever and wherever you need us.
  • Time Flexibility – Cloud backups can be automated to cover specific times that represent important moments during the workday or work week.

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Protect your business from data loss caused by natural or human reasons by implementing a cloud recovery plan.

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How Does Cloud Recovery Differ From Traditional?

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Traditional disaster recovery methods were based on an onsite data center connected to a secondary data center which would store redundant copies of critical data. The negative to this process is that expanding capacity means purchasing and supporting more equipment.


Cloud computing is the modern replacement to traditional disaster recovery methods, and the main benefit is cost. Cloud computing is all about scale. When you pay only for what you use, you stop wasting money on unnecessary capacity—no more secondary locations and no expensive investments in additional equipment.

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