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Application Design for the Cloud!

We offer customized software solutions, providing secure and scalable applications tailored to your organization’s needs.

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CSI Application Design Services utilizes our vast national and global resources to produce customized products that fit our client’s needs.

We have 20 years of experience managing large teams of software, database and network engineers in order to fulfill enterprise-level requirements with efficiency, effectiveness and security.

Our Client Engagement Strategies


Directly with Customers

These customers have needs beyond an off-the-shelf product.
We build applications that they can use for their own organization.


Partnership or Joint-Venture

A customer may identify a need in their own industry that is not fulfilled by off-the-shelf products.

For a project price, CSI will partner with the customer to build and then sell the product within their industry.

It’s a WIN-WIN partnership!

Our team has led successful projects in industries like:

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Healthcare (Pre & Post HIPAA Regulations)

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Government Agencies

tech international transportation and delivery logistics


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Types of platforms we work with

  • Premise

Our staff has experience managing projects from the mid-1990’s.

These platforms were generally Windows NT, Novell and Unix.  They utilized dial-up modems to transfer and sync data into local databases.

We have experience working with most of the latest and greatest software and technologies available today.

  • Cloud

For Redundancy,
Auto-Scalability, Security and Disaster Recovery options,
we recommend cloud services that fit your needs.

  • Mobility

Often times,
our front-end application design is good enough for mobile laptops.

However, if you need Smart Phone Application Development, we’ve got you covered!

US Based Developers

We have resources from around the world, and often times it makes sense to use them.

However, some of our customers want to ensure their development and IP (Intellectual Property) stays within the borders of the United States.
We can and will abide by any request to fulfill our customers needs.

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Whether your organization has 50 or 5,000 users, our team has the knowledge and resources for your project.
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Questions You Should be Asking

  • What types of security tools/practices are best to use on my database, servers, network infrastructure and web access?
  • Am I using the correct database and server infrastructure for scalability?
  • Am I using a redundant platform based in multiple data centers?
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  • Is my database designed so it is SQL Cluster aware?
  • Can I afford to lose my data or have the system down for days?
  • Where is my application being developed and do I have control on my IP (Intellectual Property)?

CSI is a Technology Services Firm

Our resources have experience building secure server infrastructures accessible from multiple Data Centers.
We are uniquely positioned with extensive server security and application security experience.

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