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Incident Response

Responsive. Effective. Personable. Non-Contract Support.
Provide on-call/on-site support within the 7 county Twin Cities metro area.

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CSI Tech Corp support team is a dedicated crew of IT professionals

who will do what it takes to solve your business IT problems.

Top Customer Service and Quick Response Times Through Our Incident Response Service

From basic issues to major outages, CSI Tech Corp will meet your business needs through exceptional IT support. Accounting, operations, human resources, sales, and customer service—every aspect of your business needs technology to help them do their jobs.


When that technology goes down or you have users who need one-on-one support, we will be there with comprehensive tier 2 non-contract support.

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Whether it’s a computer glitch, network hiccup, or telephone system trouble, we’re just a call away.
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Reliable 24/7 Network Availability

We work hard to ensure your network is available 24/7.

Monthly Reporting

The frequency and severity of your IT issues may point to deeper root causes; this is our opportunity to examine them further and develop a plan to remedy them.

Remote or In-Person Support

While some issues require an engineer onsite, our system are built with the ability for us to handle the issue remotely.

Strict Service Level Agreements

We always clearly define our services, the support we provide, and how that information applies to your business in plain-language SLAs.

A Team-Based Approach

Our IT team is continually building institutional memory with the goal of spreading knowledge across a team instead of with a single individual.

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Fill out the help request form below following these instructions
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Include any relevant information about the problem.

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After submitting the form, our team will review your request and reach out to assist you further.

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