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Hi Everyone,

We wanted to reach out to let you know of a Phishing email that was brought to our attention. The emailer is taking information that is accessible on the Dark Web, such as compromised passwords, and emailing them to the end user. The Phishing email typically contains a password in the subject line and there is an attachment that is also labeled with the password. DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT. If the password in the email is one you are currently using, please change your password immediately.

The best password precaution is to use different passwords for various online resources to mitigate being compromised. Below is our recommended Password Instructions to help in creating a safe-passwords to use.

The Phrase/Sandwich Password

  1. Pick a phrase you like to use for example “I like to eat pizza at home” and use the first letter of each word. For example: iltepah
    Important: Make sure this does not spell a word or name.
  2. Change out some of the letters with symbols.  In the following example we replaced the l with 1 and a with @:  i1tep@h
  3. Add a 3-number combination to the front of the abbreviated phrase: 615i1tep@h Make sure the number is not associated with anything in your life.
    This is considered the middle of your sandwich and it never changes.
  4. The final step is to work on the outer part of the sandwich and this will change if you need to change your password, and it is also unique to the site the password is being used for.
    Add a 1. to the beginning of the created password: 1.615i1tep@h
    If you ever need to change your password, which some applications require, then you just change the first 2 characters to: 2., 3., and so on.  Here is an example of changing the password: 2.615i1tep@h
    The last step is to add, at the end of the created password, the letters of the site you are using it for.  In this example, I am using it for US Bank: 1.615i1tep@hUSB

If you need help, or if you get one of these emails and are not sure what to do, please call us right away so we can help. We can be reached at 952-928-1788 or send us an email at

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